It is our mission at Emolior Academy to provide a high-quality, rigorous and meaningful education for all scholars. With the support of parents, families, and staff, each scholar will demonstrate intellectual growth, mutual respect, and personal responsibility. We are committed to delivering a safe and peaceful learning environment where scholars are prepared to be college and career ready in a diverse global society.


EA Vision


It is the vision of Emolior Academy to create a learning environment where all scholars are motivated to find their purpose, see their worth, and realize their full potential as learners.




EA Theory of Action


If we consistently provide scholars with time and rigorous tasks to productively struggle, then they will take ownership of their learning and move toward mastery




EA Instructional Focus


Increase teacher capacity to provide rigorous instruction and time for scholars to work productively and make their thinking visible through reading and writing.




EA Creed


I am an EA scholar. I’m bright, intelligent and assertive. I accept the challenge to become all that I can be. I value others and myself as special individuals. I will treat others as I want to be treated. As I build my foundation for future success, I will always do my best because I believe education is the way. The choices I make today affect what I will have, what I will be, and what I will do tomorrows. If I say it can be done, I will achieve my goals. I am an EA scholar.