Dress Code:

Dress guidelines are designed to promote a standard of appearance that complements the learning environment. All scholars are expected to wear the Emolior Academy uniform :

● Burgundy polo style shirt (Emolior logo/patch on it)

● Beige or khaki pants or skirt (no shorts or capris are allowed)

● Black shoes/sneakers (no other colors on the shoes, sneakers and laces)

● Sweaters must be an Emolior Academy sweater

If a scholar would like to purchase any clothing for uniform, they can go to the MAIN OFFICE to purchase it.
All scholars will be checked for proper uniform attire upon entering the school building by the deans or administrative staff. Any scholar who is not in uniform will be sent to the dean’s office and their parent will be contacted. Out of uniform will result in after school detention. A scholar will be given a uniform article to wear until the end of the day. The uniform item will be handed back to the deans before dismissal. A scholar who is out of uniform repeatedly, further disciplinary action may occur.

*Parents please notify the deans if there is an issue with the uniform for that day. That is the only way a scholar will be excused from detention.*